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Mick Coyle


Reflections of Wybourn School


Building so bleak, so cold and grey.

Try as we may to stay away.

Compulsory attendance was forced upon.

By rulers so draconian.


Corporal punishment the order of the day

In reward for obedience, such a cliché.

Such dogma alone the cause to rebel

No incentive at all to make one excel


The slash of the cane the sting of the slipper

The smile on the face of the one who delivers

Illiterate our destiny from point of birth

Our mark not to make upon this earth


I reflect on life that may have been

And of the great difference I may have seen

Had we not been meek and so poor

A scholar of poetry of that I’m sure.


But back down to earth, I am what I am

And to fight ignorance as best I can

The austerity of life so cold and cruel

With innocence of youth we let them rule.


But one day we know our turn will come

And make a vow, our seed not to succumb

  Parental nature, being to learn from our past

And give them knowledge, knowledge to last.


And so we go to our maker, blessed in thought

Our children are safe, in the way that we taught

No longer the stigma we have to conceal

That, we take to our grave, and never to reveal.

Copyright © 2007 Mick Coyle